Toronto’s new restaurant has a heated patio oasis and it’s like dining in a mythical forest



There is a new place for booze and delicious food in Toronto, and it boasts an enchanting patio all year round.

Aura is a newly opened lounge and restaurant on Queen Street East. Hosted by brothers Andy and Arda Akin, the place has an inspiring history behind it.

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The Akins, who grew up in Turkey, have always dreamed of opening a restaurant business in Canada. Once they finally saved enough to do it, the pandemic struck, but they didn’t let it hold them back.

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“Our parents have always told us that there will be defining moments in life when you can choose to take a risk or let your aspirations slip away,” Arda said in a press release. The brothers didn’t have the funds for the renovations, so they transformed the whole space themselves with the help of friends.

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Aura is inspired by the 1940s with a touch of modernity. You will find a bright candlelit room with a warm atmosphere as you enter.

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The patio, open all year round, is described as a “mythical forest” and features a whimsical fresco, radiators and a canopy of vines.

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The menu offers handcrafted cocktails and global cuisine with an emphasis on appetizers to accompany your drinks.

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Cuisine: Global

Address: 686 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON

Why You Must Go: Enjoy a meal in an enchanting patio oasis at this new location.


In Ontario, a vaccination passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.


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