The Pawn bids farewell to its European concept and more


A brand new welcome, a loving farewell and an exciting selection of limited-time menus in this week’s New Eats. Read on to find out more.

The Pawn closes the doors of its modern European restaurant after 13 years

The Pawn has become a long-recognized landmark in the bustling streets of Wan Chai. From humble beginnings as living quarters for pawnshop Woo Cheong on the ground floor Once Upon a Time in 1888, the traditional four-story building then became home to Classified Group’s modern European restaurant in 2008. , then again after a 2014 renovation. 13 years later, the restaurant and bar concept that many have come to love for the picturesque open-air terrace is closing its doors to welcome a whole new Cantonese concept.

To celebrate, The Pawn will be offering exclusive menus until it officially closes on September 13. There will be a chef’s tasting menu for dinner, complemented by crowd favorite dishes like linguine with red shrimp, local yellow chicken breast infused with Earl Gray, as well as classic tiramisu. And a separate, customizable four-course lunch set. The bar will also shake up a secret menu for a last hurray that will run regularly.

Reservations for the Chef’s Tasting Menu (HK $ 720) can be made here or via WhatsApp on +852 9731 2817. For the restaurant’s last weekend (September 9-12), the bar will offer 50% off on a selection of drinks with any snack order from the bar. .

Le Pion, 62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2866 3444

The Gaia group celebrates its 20th anniversary with the “Voyage en Italie” anniversary menu at Velo

new dishes

Italian cuisine has long been part of the Gaia Group portfolio; retracing two decades of the opening of its first Italian establishment: Gaia Ristorante. To celebrate this milestone, the group is hosting an anniversary menu at Velo, featuring their roster of notable Italian chefs – Chef Man of Velo, Chef Alessandro Tonin of Isola Bar & Grill and Chef Paolo Monti of Gaia Ristorante in head. Featuring crown comfort made with seasonal ingredients sourced from Italy, the menus will be available as four- or six-course tasting menus.

For all four courses, expect authentic yet innovative flavors like Sicilian-smoked octopus and romaine-style oxtail-stuffed tortellini served with sage butter and a toasted hazelnut sauce. While the six dishes are sprinkled with a touch of decadence with a little drama at the table: a live projection of chef Paolo Monti’s culinary know-how during selected evenings. On the menu, dive into a plethora of classic dishes, including northern Italian favorite Vitello Tonnato, scrambled eggs with truffle and grilled Italian “Marango” beef, seasoned with simple sea salt and olive oil.

Reservations for Gaia Group’s 20th Anniversary “Italian Taste Journey” (HK $ 888; from now through September 15) and “Journey of Italy” Dinner & Tasting with Guest Chef Paolo Monti (HK $ 1,288 ; available September 14-15) can be done via +852 2117 0983.

Velo Italian Bar & Grill, Shop 103, Level 1, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2117 0983

New dishes at Yung’s Bistro

new dishes

Next time you’re craving authentic Cantonese comfort, head to Yung’s Bistro in Tsim Sha Tsui for a sample of the restaurant’s new, seasonal dishes. Soothing a la carte dishes designed to beat the scorching temperatures include tofu stuffed with scallops in a yanmin sauce – a regional Lingnan berry popularly used for “chilling” and sautéed beef mixed with fresh pineapple and pickled ginger . There are also others that showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of Cantonese cuisine, such as the tender oil-poached marbled goby that requires precise preparation – orders must be placed a day in advance.

And then a renewed interpretation of classic dim sum. All-time favorites and remade in creative riffs: steamed dumplings brushed with edible gold to mimic an auspicious goldfish; baked pineapple bread with egg cream; Pork meatball and fried shrimp wrapped in a matcha-tinted dough and shaped like fresh pears. For something out of the ordinary, Yung’s Bistro adds Yung’s Bistro Hand Rolled Cigar, stuffed with grated goose and pickled cabbage for your tasting.

Yung’s Bistro, Shop 701, 7 / F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2321 3800

Limited offers at Musubi Hiro for the September art revival with ‘The French Girl’

new dishes

With the intention of hosting a monthly Art Takeover series that highlights local artists on its site, Musubi Hiro kicks off this September with French urban street artist The French Girl, or Caroline Tronel. The izakaya will also play the role of gallery owner and showcase the latest murals and installations from The French Girl, as well as exclusive artwork available for purchase. Limited-time French-style services will accompany the month-long collaboration, including the camembert tempura, topped with onion, pear and sake chutney on a mini baguette and the special foie gras musubi, stacked with foie pan-fried fat, apples and mirin onions confit with raspberry demi-gauze, soy sauce and picked apples, on the menu

Musubi Hiro, G / F, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 5597 6911

375 ° Chicken ‘N Fries adds a new’ Bello Burger ‘to its menu

new dishes

Here’s the kind of healthy eating we love to hear; when it’s disguised as the best comfort food. 375 ° Chicken ‘N Fries unveils the latest addition to its “no-nasties” range: a Hong Kong-exclusive Bello Burger, created in collaboration with local supplier Farm Direct. The star of the show, naturally, is the extra-large 9-inch portobello mushroom which is organically grown at Farm Direct’s hydroponic farm and deliciously sandwiched between the restaurant’s freshly baked buns and a savory condiment garnish.

The limited edition Bello Burger is available every Monday as part of the 375 ° Chicken ‘N Fries’ Green Monday menu throughout September.

375 ° Chicken ‘N Fries, G / F, Man Hing Commercial Building, 79-83 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Franks 2.0 reopens with a whole new look… and a whole new menu to match

new dishes

After a quick refresh of its interiors, Franks 2.0 is back and even better with an all new menu of assorted food and drink. The newly remodeled space takes inspiration from the intimate den-like interiors of traditional Italian-American social clubs located in New Jersey and New York with that distinct, friendly atmosphere recreated via regular DJ sets spinning all of the soundtracks from hip-hop vinyl and a heartwarming menu.

Prepared by chef Vinny Lauria, the new Italian-American comfort on the menu includes creative riffs on old favorites, including lasagna fritta – a Nonna-style dish that’s sliced ​​and pan-seared before serving – and farefalle alla Genovese, which reinvents the traditional pesto recipe with a shot of Old Tom gin infused with homemade pine nut paste pulsed with Italian basil and lemon juice. Also included are the place’s beloved mainstays like Frank’s meatballs, homemade burrata and linguine clams. To accompany the sips of alcohol, bar manager Alex Chatte has curated a refreshed drink selection inspired by the flavors of classic Italian-American dishes that you are sure to recognize.

Franks, G / F & 1 / F, 79 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Header image courtesy of Yung’s Bistro.

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