The City is looking for a tenant for a restaurant

The City of Aspen invites proposals for the commercial dining space at 455 Rio Grande Place.

A staple of Aspen’s local food scene, the 1,615-square-foot space has served the community with fast, reliable and affordable fare for many years, city officials said, and they aim to continue tradition with the next tenant.

In accordance with Aspen City Council direction, the RFP specifies that proposals must demonstrate an intent to maintain year-round restaurant operations and provide daily lunch and dinner service. Breakfast and late night bar service options are possible but not required.

Proposals will be evaluated on criteria including rental rate and terms, concept and menu offerings, ability to provide an affordable menu, qualifications and business model, approach to shoulder seasons, and references.

A pre-proposal conference is scheduled at the Rio Grande Building, 455 Rio Grande Place, on Tuesday, August 23, from 10 a.m. to noon. Attendance is not mandatory but provides potential bidders the opportunity to visit the site before finalizing and submitting their proposals, city officials said.

Proposals must be submitted electronically before Friday, September 16 at 2 p.m. on the Bidnet Direct website at

Vendors must be registered to view and download the complete “2022-272 Rio Grande Building Restaurant” proposal package (with timeline) from Registration is free.

A recommendation to consider a selected tenant is scheduled for discussion at the October 11 city council meeting. The city will work with the selected tenant to ensure the new dining space is open to serve the community as soon as possible, anticipating an opening in the summer of 2023, officials said.

Questions should be submitted online at Responses will be posted for all interested parties to review and review. If you need help registering, call 1-800-835-4603.

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