Swanton Food Truck Sundays draws large crowds on Father’s Day


SWANTON, Vermont (WCAX) – The sunny weather on Sunday drew dozens of local buyers and food truck enthusiasts to Village Green in Swanton on Father’s Day.

Green buzzed all day as people stopped to check out Food Truck Sundays, a summer initiative that encourages people to go out to shop and eat locally.

Salespeople say it’s a great way to market their business.

“It helps me expand my market so people know you have a local product that they might be interested in and that it is quality,” said Nancy Fisk, co-owner of Windfall Veggies & Beef at Franklin.

Some vendors were offering discounts and incentives for Father’s Day.

WCAX News spoke with some of the fathers who were there to explain how they celebrate Father’s Day differently this year compared to last year, when COVID restrictions were still in place.

Robert Dumas from Chazy, New York, said it was great hanging out with his wife and family and not having to wear face coverings.

“I don’t choke on a mask. And it’s nice to be able to walk with everyone and enjoy the good weather, ”said Dumas.

Franklin’s Justin Sartwell was shopping with his daughters, which he couldn’t do on Father’s Day last.

“Last year we didn’t do much and this year is back to normal,” Franklin’s Justin Sartwell said. His daughter Jenna said the family invited him to lunch at one of their favorite restaurants earlier today.

John Newhard says he spent last Father’s Day planting a garden with his two sons. He says they still plan to do it this year, but they also have other activities on the agenda.

“We’re doing absolutely a lot more this year. We’re here to start. We’re going to have dinner at the restaurant tonight. We never would have done this last year, ”said John Newhard.

Sunday food trucks will take place every third Sunday of the month until September.

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