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All those days of gastrointestinal tests, blood tests and procedures, in addition to the pounding during training, losses at the hands of much more talented and stronger teams, 25 years ago, that November night, hold on a game ball didn’t mean a game but six years of showing that I could do it and I did.

This is how my footballing career ended, but the memories became more of what I put forward: cherishing wins, learning from losses and making sure to learn a lesson from life. For yours truly, that included finding a career in sports.

Mills Godwin coach PJ Adams explained to me this week how he tries to connect football to what lies ahead for his student athletes. “Be a go-getter and be able to enjoy things when you see them and go get them. You can’t always wait for things to happen; sometimes you have to be a taker and go get it, ”Adams said. “It’s bigger than football. … Learn from your life lessons and learn from the lessons you have had and the decision to only improve yourself through it.

For the privileged few, their athletic talent, hard work and dedication will help them take their sport to the next level. For the most part, the last game, game, or encounter will be in their senior year of high school.

Yet 25 years from now, some of you might see your high school glory days as the spark that sparked a career as a coach, teacher, athletic trainer, or maybe sports journalist or host. You will find that those long hours of two a day or sprints in the wind have established the endurance you have put in the final, your medical school residency or a bar exam. You will recognize that the dedication and selflessness you once gave to a field team applies to the team you now come home with every night.

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