Mayors discuss the past and the future


Is Trader Joe coming to Edwardsville? Glen Carbone? Are the rumors that have been circulating here for months true?

Well, maybe.

That was the gist of responses from Mayor of Edwardsville, Hal Patton, and Mayor of Glen Carbon, Rob Jackstadt, when the question was posed to them on Tuesday near the end of the Mayors’ Breakfast at the NO Nelson complex in Edwardsville. .

In fact, the question took the form of a text message sent to the annual meeting and read to mayors by Desiree Bennyhoff, executive director of the Edwardsville / Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s for you two,” Bennyhoff began. “Can we please have a Trader Joe’s?” “

Jackstadt said he and Patton “had been joking about it for years.”

“We would love to have one,” he said. “As many of you know, these national channels have a real monolithic and stubborn vision of their coming and when. . . they will come if and when they are ready to be here. When demographics show it. But I can tell you that it is not for lack of effort. We have worked from all angles that we know. Even a member of our Glen Carbon Business Advisory Board met fellow members of Trader Joe’s at a convention and she was trying to work from an angle.

Patton said the city heard from people associated with Trader Joe’s who have expressed interest in opening a store in the Eastern Metropolitan area. “We hope we’re big enough and the right size for them,” Patton said. “But for now, nothing confirmed.”

Still, some rumors were so convincing that Patton said he had “called Public Works and said ‘Do we really have this case going? “”

If either municipality is ultimately chosen, it would be the first Trader Joe’s to settle on this side of the Mississippi River. The company has three in St. Louis – in Brentwood, Creve Coeur and Des Peres – and seven in the Chicago area.

The questions came after a meeting in which the two mayors gave optimistic assessments of the economic situation. Patton cited, among others, the recent opening of businesses such as Gulf Shores Restaurant & Grill, Holiday Inn Express, Social Gastropub and Recess Brewing. Jackstadt noted the 2014 openings of Texas Roadhouse and Jimmy John’s, as well as Ross Dress For Less and Gateway Urgent Care, which will open soon.

Father McGivney High School is also slated to open in August at 7190 Bouse Road in Glen Carbon.

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