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Photo: Sami Stewart

Cold cuts with daylilies

Columbia Tusculum’s Daylily Deli — chef Jose Salazar and New York-style bodega Deeper Roots Coffee — has set an official opening date.

After holding a preview over the weekend, the grocer, cafe and grocery store will hold a soft opening from August 23, according to an Instagram post.

The grand opening will take place on September 3.

The full menu is online at and features everything from the basic New York egg on a roll with American cheese, a ground cheese sandwich (with ground beef, cheese, banana peppers, sautéed onions, lettuce, tomatoes and a special sauce on a hoagie) and even an egg cream coffee soda.

“Jose and (his wife) Ann Salazar grew up in Queens. They grew up in bodegas in New York and there’s no New York-style bodega in Cincinnati. It’s something they crave. for a long time and they couldn’t scratch that itch. So they were like, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s bring one to Cincinnati,’ Daylily general manager Sami Stewart told CityBeat in a July interview. (Disclosure : Stewart is also a freelancer for CityBeat.)

Stewart says the goal is to create a “slightly elevated” version of a bodega, but with all the signature dishes.

There will be two wine dispensers and two beer dispensers, with a selection of spirits to take away. And Deeper Roots will also offer its full menu of coffees, but not in the infamous blue and white Greek coffee cup. This New York favorite has been replaced with a compostable version.

“That’s something Deeper Roots brings — the ecological perspective of understanding our footprint and trying to reduce it,” Stewart said.

Daylily will also act as a streamlined grocer. The closest Kroger locations to Columbia Tusculum are in Hyde Park or even Mariemont. Daylily will therefore offer basic products – canned goods, fresh produce – as well as products from local artisans, such as Sixteen Bricks and Cin-Soy, at an affordable price.

“Anything essential is more enjoyable,” Stewart says. “It’s more organic and natural, not necessarily all organic. We wanted to fill a need for everyone in the community. And Columbia Tusculum is quite diverse from a revenue standpoint.”

Daylily has also tapped Jeremy Manis, formerly of Avril-Bleh Meat Market & Deli, to act as kitchen manager.

Daylily Deli is located at 3751 Eastern Ave., Columbia Tusculum. For more information, visit

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