8 exciting new restaurants to know about, September 2022

We spend a lot of time keeping up to date with new restaurants, and with the constant stream of openings, there’s a plot to keep track. In September, San Antonio, TX, hosted Sephardic cuisine, and Palo Alto, CA, hosted a Hawaiian-Japanese version of seasonal Bay Area cuisine. There are so many reasons to eat out right now – a seafood-centric Basque spot in DC; a Philadelphia pastry chef is launching a playful BYOB tasting menu.

Starting this month, we’ll help you track notable restaurant openings across the country. We’re already doing the hard work of preparing our annual Best New Restaurants list, but even when its release is months away, we want you to know where we’re most excited. This list, organized alphabetically by state, includes both restaurants we’ve tried and those we’ve added to our bucket lists. We’ll be back here in 30 days, sharing our roundup of the most exciting new restaurants and the openings we’re looking forward to.

Announced LA bread maker is getting into sandwiches

Bub and Grandma’s Restaurant
3507 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles
Open September 12

Since Andy Kadin started sharing his bread with Los Angeles in 2015, Bub and Grandma’s has grown into a well-known bread wholesaler and retailer with a stand at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Kadin, originally from New Jersey, dreamed of opening a delicatessen of Jewish and Italian inspiration, and with the brick-and-mortar location of a Bub and Grandma, he did just that. At this breakfast and lunch spot in northeast Los Angeles’ Glassell Park neighborhood, you’ll find beef brisket sandwiches with apple mostarda, a selection of pastries like maple-glazed donuts and many desserts (hello lime cream pie). Food is available for dinner and pickup, with an outdoor take-out window for online orders. It will soon be open for live jazz and evening snacks as well. This location will also be the retail center for Bub and Grandma’s bread production arm, which will continue its practical to give the surplus of bread and other baked goods to non-profit organizations.

Seasonal cuisine with Japanese-Hawaiian influences in Palo Alto, CA

Ethel’s fantasy
550 Waverley St, Palo Alto, CA
Open September 3

The Ethel’s Fancy website describes the restaurant as “modern California cuisine from a Japanese-American kid from Hawaii, who just worked in some of the best restaurants in America.” The “kid” in question is chef Scott Nishimaya, who cooked at Daniel and the French Laundry, before going it alone. With this new adventure, Nishimaya turns to the cuisine of his childhood as a tribute to his mother and grandmother…both named Ethel. The restaurant promises plates like broccoli stalk salad with pork ears and nuoc cham and a slice of pork ribs with shaved summer raw vegetables and Japanese curry.

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Mexican and Japanese flavors meet Georgia’s finest produce

Palo Santo
955 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta
Open September 23

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