12 Most Haunted Restaurants in America

Stockyards in Phoenix, Arizona, began as a meatpacking plant in 1919. In fact, its cattle operation was so massive that at one time it housed over 300,000 cattle each year and became the world’s largest cattle park. fattening of the world. Now a well-respected steakhouse, The Stockyards claims to be haunted by the unearthly presence of a woman named Helen, the wife of a former owner (via AZ Center). A painting of Helen, also known as ‘Lady in Red’, adorned in a lavish scarlet dress is currently on display in one of the restaurant’s banquet halls. Visitors to the Stockyards have experienced all sorts of paranormal activity, including lights that randomly turn on and off for no apparent reason and a shaking chandelier. Night cleaning crews have been known to abruptly abandon their work due to hearing voices after hours, after everyone has already left the building.

But anyone who shuns The Stockyards is sure to regret it, given its meat-centric flavor. menu is. Bison meatloaf, roast chicken and skillfully grilled elk medallions grace the menu as well as wild boar and venison sausage with apple-cranberry chutney. If you’re on the lookout for prime rib with a side of poltergeists, The Stockyards is where you want to be.

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